Welcome to diyHue.org

Hello fellow DIY Enthusiast and welcome to diyHue.org

diyHue.org will inform you about new Insights and Updates about the diyHue Project hosted on Github.

Start building your own smart diyHue Lights and control them with your Smartphone. Create Scenes, Rules and automated Actions.

All neatly packed in a Python Script, you only need a Host Machine (e.g. Raspberry Pi), install via easy_install.sh script and your Hue Emulator is up and running. Of course you can use Docker too, no worries!

Add a custom DIY Light by using a cheap ESP8266 based Microcontroller, connect some LEDs (e.g. WS2812b), flash Firmware (provided) and manage your new diyHue Light from your palm of your Hands.


If you encounter problems or have questions: Join us on Slack, post a Comment or open a Issue on Github and you get some Help for sure.


Enjoy your diyHue enlighted Home.

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